Knowing Yourself Who am I

Analyze how peers, family, media, society, culture and a person's intersecting identities can influence self-concept, body image and self-esteem

My Expectations My Future

Describe the cognitive , social and emotional changes of adolescence and early adulthood

Compare and contrast the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Compare and contrast characteristics of healthy and unhealthy romantic and/or sexual relationships.
About Us

Hope is Our Main Goal

Sac Youth Real Talk is a program that utilizes the Love Notes curriculum as its learning foundation. The goal is to equip young people (ages 13-19) with the knowledge that empowers them to make healthy decisions. Our future-oriented approach supports young people as they consider how their hopes & dreams – and how their decisions affect their aspirations. 

This curriculum is unique because it focuses on building relationship efficacy, correcting faulty relationship beliefs, developing healthy connections, and seeing your life and relationships as outcomes of your understanding and application of decision-making skills, aspirational optimism, and willingness/ability to communicate these topics with a trusted, caring adult.  

A key part of this program is bringing youth together with caring adults and peers. Join us for some real talk and make connections that last a lifetime! 

Love Notes Lessons

Relationships Today

Relationships can be challenging, especially today! To have a good relationship, we need to...

Knowing Yourself

Our past experiences affect us today. The more we know about ourselves, the better prepared we are..

My expectations my future

Its understanding our expectations and how to communicate them to make sure they are being met in...

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Statement of Solidarity
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We express our deepest sympathy to the families of the most recent victims of escalating violence and ongoing harassment directed at Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

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What made this program meaningful to you

This program discussed topics that I would never have the chance to discuss with my family members and helped me expand my knowledge and become more informed.

It was fun to discuss and debate ideas that were more "taboo" / not spoken about directly and it was a great experience to not only hear what my other peers had to say but also hear the perspective of my mentors who have had much more experiences in their life.

Hope, Student

I think that the advisors made this program meaningful to me because they were really engaging and I could see that they wanted to help us become better at understanding relationships. They were always welcoming, so much so that I was able to comfortably voice out my opinions.

Hope , Student
The part where we talked about danger signs and what a father can provide that a mother can't was meaning to me. I also got to share this information with friends.
Hope, Student
I think that understanding that relationships are an individualistic thing and it is different for everyone is meaningful to me, because now I know not to compare myself to others, because my experiences are different from everyone else.
Hope, Student

I learned how to love and value myself and my sexual experiences. I have decided to commit myself to god and wait for the partner of a lifetime.

Hope, Student
This program was meaningful to me as it emphasized having a healthy relationship with myself first and it made me feel comfortable talking about the material discussed.
Hope , Student
I felt that my own familial relationships and my relationships with other people could be more clearly defined and I could draw that boundary.
Hope , Student


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